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AegisFlow Digital Delivery

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Have a Fat (bandwidth) Pipe? AegisFlow now available as a digital download.

Get a pre-made installation of AegisFlow via digital download, RIGHT FROM THE INTERNETS! No complex installations, nor updating via Python commands understood only by the CyberElite©, are needed (in the traditional sense for Ai stuff).

NOTE!!!!! There are new install Instructions in the Installation files on GDrive, due to the installers needing an update to address some recent changes to some external nodes. Please read them :)!!!

How Can You Fulfill Your Insatiable Desire for Unlimited Waifus without losing your mind in the process?

If you've been using Stable Diffusion front ends long enough, and especially ComfyUI, you'll know that one of the hardest things is getting a complex workflow to work, and then work consistently.

That's because custom workflows almost always rely on the interconnection between many custom nodes, addons, and models. They all come from different creators, and different Github repos, download locations, etc. Also, designing the workflow around actual work requires some knowledge about art pipelines in general, which isn’t a skill we all have.

TBH it is a huge, huge pain in the AiSS. What if (like me) you are a working artist and just need an install that works, without huge investments in tracking down all those dependencies like they were Carmen SanDiego? What if you don't want to worry if that workflow you're using will get broken by component XYZ breaking it all spiraling you from the role of artiste into that of a sysadmin and tech support pro? What if you simply don't have the time or inclination to become an 371TE H@X0R in Python and GitHub use?

AegisFlow Digital is what you need!

What You'll Get:

  • Simple installation files, and a simple web-based downloads list for the model resources used in the workflow. These are just self-extracting zips, not Python Batch files that run commands that can fail to install/merge/etc.
  • Updates delivered the same way, containing the things you need to update to the latest version. That might be just the workflow files, or it might be a zip-up of the whole shebang. Why? That's because when I update on my end, about 50% of the time, something breaks. I then fix that break so that it works with the workflow, either by custom code, or by reworking the workflow to eliminate deprecated nodes/etc.

Couldn't I get AegisFlow for Free?

YES. The workflow files are on Github, and so if you are technically inclined you can create a ComfyUI Install that would work with this...after all, I did!

But you could also pay a little cash, support a fellow artist, then touch some grass, hug your kids, finish that novel you've been working on…the alternative is probably about 5 hours of tracking stuff down IF you know what you need, and many more if you don’t.

What do you use the money for?

My family (wife, 4 kids). Also hookers; I have so many things around the house that need hooked---artwork, cables, fish, you name it.

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As-Is, no refunds

The nature of digital products being what they are, once you have them, you have them forever. As such, it is entirely on you to:
A) realize that while this tool makes the process EASIER, it does not make it AUTOMATIC. You will still need to perform minimal file download and unzipping operations. My zip software of choice is 7-zip, as it is effective and free.
B) Understand that the AI Art space is in constant flux at this early stage. This means that you may need to upgrade things occasionally. Major Studio keeps a working install of this base at all times, however, since it is open source and customizable, this means that if you unlock the nodes and start messing around, you can break things. That said, I am always interested in new techniques, so engage with us on Discord or Github. I want you to be successful, but at $15 I can't become full-time tech support either.
C) Know the system requirements! This cannot be understated. This install is confirmed to work on Windows 10 and 11, on machines with a recent processor and an NVIDIA GPU. It is also confirmed to work on both AMD Ryzen and Intel i-series and Xeon CPUs. Basically, if your system can run ComfyUI or Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion front ends, this Workflow will work. It won't work on Grandma's 1996 Gateway 2000. Caveat Emptor re your system requirements.

Last updated Oct 30, 2023

AegisFlow Workflow and all Dependencies, PDF usage manual, updates, and a thank you :), delivered via THE INTERNETS

Frustration-Free Install
Setup Uses things normies understand
Generates great assets quickly in a well-thought-out, step based flow
15 bucks.


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AegisFlow Digital Delivery

2 ratings
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